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RealClearBooks is a new-model hybrid publishing imprint that balances smart, high-quality content with speed to market while avoiding the pitfalls of partisanship and restrictive politics that often come with traditional houses. Powered by RealClear Politics, Gotham Ghostwriters, and Amplify Publishing, RealClearBooks gives authors a seat at the table with political thought leaders and policymakers; access to top quality writing, editing, and content creation; and a time-tested, efficient publishing process to bring new ideas to the table before the political moment passes.

RealClearBooks authors invest in the publication of their book and, in return, receive one of the highest royalty percentages in the business and retain full rights to their content. Drawing on the partners’ passions for diverse perspectives, RealClearBooks open doors for authors with important insights that gatekeepers at major publishing houses might overlook. With an efficient, quality-centered publishing process, authors have the ability to participate in conversations as they happen.

Upcoming Releases

Contract To Unite America

By: Neal Simon

RealClear Media Group, parent company of RealClear Politics, today announced the launch of its latest content expansion: a new-model book publishing imprint that aims to diversify and disrupt the existing market for political books.

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The Partners

RealClearPolitics is one of the nation’s most trusted sources of political news and original commentary, dedicated to providing cutting-edge analysis of the day’s biggest stories across multiple industries and discourses.

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Gotham Ghostwriters is the nation’s premier ghostwriting agency, featuring a network of more than 2,000 accomplished editorial pros who have helped nurture and produce hundreds of best-selling and conversation-shaping books for top political leaders, policy experts, and issue advocates.

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Amplify Publishing, an imprint of Mascot Books, one of the most trusted hybrid publishers in the industry, is the culmination of more than fifteen years of experience acquiring, producing, and promoting books that start conversations.

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