Nietzsche, Christ, or Civil War?

What in hell is going on in America? Mark T. Mitchell’s Power and Purity suggests that the question might be better formulated in P. G. Wodehousean terms as, “What fresh marriage of heaven-and-hell is this?”

The thesis of Mitchell’s short (148 pages) and very readable volume is this. Wokeness and its Social Justice Warrior stormtroopers are the offspring of an unhappy cultural-intellectual union between Friedrich Nietzsche’s relativistic will-to-power and a Puritan version of Christianity. It is not a happy marriage, and the kids are terrorizing Uncle Sam’s entire neighborhood while shouting in quick succession mutually exclusive things they’ve overheard at the dinner table from dad (Listen! There is really only your truth and my truth; stop trying to foist your dogmas on me!) and then mom (We must fight for our rights! We need equality now! Recognize my dignity!).

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