Lament for the Nations

Lament for the Nations
AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Justin Tang

What is the endgame of the woke revolution? The movement is hostile to the old ways. New ways of thinking are emerging. A new way of life is emerging, too—and with it a new understanding of politics. Are these new ways conducive to political life and social peace?

The woke regime is most advanced in Canada, where officials call it “multiculturalism.” Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau added multiculturalism to Canada’s Charter in 1982. Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney made it part of statute law in 1988 with the “Act for the Preservation and Enhancement of Canada’s Multicultural Heritage.” The multicultural idea would, in Trudeau’s words, “separate once and for all the concepts of state and of nation and make Canada a truly pluralistic and polyethnic society.” What would this entail? What would it not entail? These questions matter for America, for the same ideology is being enshrined here.

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