Will Tripp Goes Hollywood

Have you met Will Tripp? He’s the pugnacious dwarf lawyer who starred in Harry Stein’s Will Tripp: Pissed Off Attorney at LawThat was probably the funniest book of 2014, certainly the most amusing novel I read that year.

Will, whose credo is ‘Shut up, and get on with it’, was busy paying his way through law school by means of his athletic prowess, sort of. He specialized in being tossed back and forth by the inebriated patrons of a local bar until some do-gooding crusader took time away from battling against secondhand smoke and carbon emissions to intervene to Save the Dwarfs and got the sport of dwarf tossing declared illegal. Will had to find new employment, inspecting sewers. It was while padding down the local cloaca maxima that Will’s settled dislike of politically-correct busybodies hardened into a gem-like and hilarious contempt.

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