Jake Tapper's 'Empirically Racist' Dr. Seuss Nonsense

Jake Tapper's 'Empirically Racist' Dr. Seuss Nonsense
(Christopher Dolan/The Times-Tribune via AP)

Jake Tapper went on a tiny Twitter tirade the other day in defense of de-publishing some Dr. Seuss books for being, in a phrase he used several times, “empirically racist.” Tapper strikes me as more reasonable (or at least less unreasonable) than most of the frothing lunatic conspiracist demagogues he works with at CNN, and I suspect (or at least hope) that an argument from reason might have some effect on him, so I’ll start by explaining that “empirical” means pretty much the opposite of what he thinks it means. Throw the word “racist” out there, and people jettison their faculties surprisingly quickly.

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