The Plot to Change America

The Plot to Change America
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The last time America was convulsed with race riots coast to coast, the then white Eastern establishment panicked and allowed activists and ideologues to push through a series of measures, including identity-based fragmentation, and a benefits system grounded on immutable traits such as race and sex, that they said were “temporarily” needed to heal the nation’s wounds. Yet, not only did the new policies become permanent, they also had the logical effect of reinforcing differences and perpetuating balkanization—that is, deepening the wounds—as we tragically see on the streets today.

The ideologues preached group grievances as a tactic rather than as a commitment. They accompanied the race-conscious policies with an unremitting assault on the nation’s history, institutions, and very reason for being, because they saw an opportunity to fundamentally transform it into something it had never been meant to be—a centrally run economy where such freedoms as the natural rights to speech and property would not impede such “progress.”

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