Can the Constitution Survive Civil War?

Can the Constitution Survive Civil War?
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In 2017, I was enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend at "Gigi's Café," situated in the cloisters of "woke" left Minneapolis.  At a nearby window sat a group of elderly, ill tempered radical feminists, worn out from their morning protest march against bête noire President Trump.  One came over to our table to speak with my friend, all the while eying my pearl necklace with evident suspicion.  Clearly, I did not belong in their sacred space.

How is it possible that these elderly rainbow warriors, who have personally benefited from civil rights legislation, now retired from sociology departments with generous pensions, are still so bitter, still chanting, "Down with the patriarchy!"?  As I departed their inner sanctum, disregarding their stony glares, an unwelcome thought struck me: "There will be civil war."  And here we are, in a situation where a random moment of violence exposes a ravaged political consensus and ignites a conflagration.

Along similar lines, Scott Gronmark's recent article, "How Lyndon Johnson's Positive Discrimination Enslaved America's Blacks," suggests, the reason our nation has deteriorated is, paradoxically, civil rights legislation itself!

Senior fellow at the Claremont Institute Christopher Caldwell, in his book The Age of Enlightenment, described the existence of two incompatible constitutional logics — one based on the rule of law of the Republican Constitution, the other, which took shape in the 1960s, on the rights of the self-appointed aggrieved to be compensated for their alleged victimhood.  Increasingly, the first and original Republican Constitution of 1787 has been tossed over by the Democrat pseudo-constitution of 1964.  In fact, affirmative action legislation forms the Democrat Theory of State!

Republicans have not withstood the left's legislative onslaught across all institutions.  If the left's triumph continues, we can kiss the Republican Constitution goodbye.  Yet who is brave enough to risk being judged inhumane and insensitive, bigoted, racist, fascist, deplorable, and phobic by rejecting the legitimacy of civil rights ideology?

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