The Common Sense of the American Mind Can Prevail

The Common Sense of the American Mind Can Prevail
Don Campbell/The Herald-Palladium via AP

Over at the Claremont Institute’s The American Mind website, there is a statement every American who loves America will be interested in reading. Please consider taking a look.

It is a thoughtful response to the violence and destruction that is being inflicted on America by Americans who reject their country. How has it come about that there are so many Americans who want to see our country destroyed, and how has it come about that there are so many in America’s ruling class willing to defend and support the destroyers?

It started on campus, and spread from there. I watched it happen on one campus. I can tell you what I witnessed, but I cannot explain to you why it happened.

Most of my professors were World War II veterans. Some were among those brave and modest heroes which the war produced in such numbers. My point is that these were not weak people. They were brave men who had put their lives on the line to save the world from a horrible fate.

So I watched in amazement as they handed their academic professions over to a new generation that rejected the America they had risked their lives to defend. They went down without a fight. I don’t know why.

American universities have been taken over by tenured radicals who have taught their students to reject America. By now, the tenured radicals have poisoned the minds of generations of students. We see the results all around us today.

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