An Old Grand Strategy for A New Era

An Old Grand Strategy for A New Era
Don Campbell/The Herald-Palladium via AP

When most of the foreign policy analysis in Washington produces more heat than light, Colin Dueck’s new book Age of Iron: On Conservative Nationalism successfully presents a sophisticated outlook on both the present but also the likely future of conservative and Republican foreign policy. The unconventional and tumultuous tenure of the Trump administration led experts on both sides of the partisan divide to issue grave warnings about the dangers of abandoning the “liberal internationalist” framework guiding US foreign policy. But as Dueck shows at the grand strategic level, many of Washington’s recent moves are generally sensible and grounded in a venerable and perfectly reasonable alternative school of US foreign policy, conservative nationalism. Together with the writings of Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Russell Mead on the “Jacksonian school” of US foreign policy and Yoram Hazony’s recent book on the virtues of a nationalist foreign policy, this book joins a resurgence of creative thinking about grand strategy on the right side of the political spectrum.

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