FDR's Faith

FDR's Faith
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A Christian and a Democrat gets off to an inauspicious start, with a foreword by former FBI director James Comey denouncing President Trump and his evangelical supporters. Comey, of course, mismanaged a spurious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and was later fired for cause after seeking a warrant to conduct surveillance on Donald Trump’s campaign on the basis of material he knew to be false. His endorsement does not inspire confidence. Nor does the book’s preface, which laments that white Protestant American ­Christianity had “­overwhelmingly endorsed Donald Trump, the most forthright pagan ever to occupy the oval office.”

This book is an ambitious effort to portray Franklin D. Roosevelt as a virtual Manchurian candidate of the Episcopal church. No minutiae are too obscure to be used in portraying him as a man formed intellectually and temperamentally by his parents and by his school headmaster, ­Endicott Peabody, founder of Groton School. They supposedly crafted a human rocketship targeted to go through life advancing the cause of Episcopal meliorism.

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