5 Books That Explain What Will Happen In 2019

5 Books That Explain What Will Happen In 2019
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As I sit in my post-2016 fascist hellscape of the British Isles, waiting for the jackboots to kick down the door at three in the morning to lead me to state-orchestrated brutality, I was thinking, Which thought crime should I commit first?

Of course, none of what I just said is true. The West is not a fascist hellscape, regardless of how much The Guardian, Southern Poverty Law Center, or Vox.com would force you to “believe” it is. What we are seeing, however, across the planet, and not just the West, is a breakdown of status quo, a changing of the prevailing order since 2016, just like 1805, 1889, 1910, 1945, and 1991 before that. There is a distinct dissatisfaction with the “liberal internationalism” and the institutional comity that enables it.

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