George Saunders: My Family Supports Trump

George Saunders: My Family Supports Trump
Chris Jackson/PA via AP

When George Saunders began writing “Fox 8”, he imagined it might be for children. The story, published in the Guardian in 2017 and reprinted now as a book, is told from the point of view of a fox who has learned to write, phonetically, by gazing through windows at “yumans” reading to their kids. As one might expect from Saunders, it is very funny. (“Yumans wud go: You kids stop fighting, we're at the Mawl, kwit it, kwit it, if you don't stop fiting how wud you like it if we just skip the Mawl and you can get rite to your aljubruh, Kerk?”). As it turned out, it is completely inappropriate for children. “The sweet tone leads you to believe that the author is going to protect the innocent fox, because he made him,” says Saunders. “And then, as is the case in the real word, the most innocent person is just as susceptible to violence as the least.”

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