Where to Start With Avengers

Geek obsession: Avengers comics

Why it’s daunting: Marvel Comics’ superheroes each have their own confusing, convoluted histories. Now multiply that by about 50. That cumulative continuity makes any superhero team book an overwhelming endeavor. Throw in alternate universes, character reboots, and attempts to make the comic books more like the movies, and it becomes nearly impossible to know where to start. Should new readers begin at Avengers #1? Which Avengers #1? What about New, Dark, Secret, and Young Avengers? And what is this Ultimates book that has what looks like Samuel L. Jackson in it? Just about every superhero comic on the stands comes with a hefty set of story baggage attached, and it can be difficult to find a superhero title that’s accessible to readers delving into comics for the first time because of the films.

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