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Wednesday, June 29
6 Books For The Next President - James Jay Carafano, National Interest
Books That Shaped American Life - Tracy Mumford, Minnesota Public Radio
Mary Roach Owns Her Ignorance - Brian Resnick, Vox
Who Actually Reads Ulysses? - Ethan Wolff-Mann, Money
Why Religion Exists - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Kick Kennedy - Muriel Dobbin, The Washington Times
Three Ladies On My Nightstand - Edward Goldman, The Huffington Post
Interview with Sebastian Junger - David Craig, RealClearDefense
Palestine's Festival of Literature - Laila Lalami, The Nation
Some Realism About "Grit" - David Denby, The New Yorker
Tuesday, June 28
Reforming Our Prison System - Teles & Dagan, RealClearBooks
Are Cops Racist? - Helen MacDonald, Encounter Books
The Compromise of China's Millennials - Te-Ping Chen, Wall Street Journal
Journey to Self-Knowledge - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Add These To Your Reading List - Melissa Joy Kong, New York Observer
Books For The Beach - PBS NewsHour
Why I Love Paper Books - Alexis Boncy, The Week
Investing in the Law - Steven Solomon, The New York Times
Mixing Math and Magic - Jason Sheehan, NPR
Re-Telling Shakespeare - Randon Billings Noble, The A.V. Club
Monday, June 27
Ghosts of Fukushima - Steve Featherstone, The New Republic
"Blockbuster" Mystery - Genevieve Valentine, NPR
23 Best Business Books of the Summer - Lebowitz & Feloni, Business Insider
The Vanishing Messiah - Sandra Dallas, The Denver Post
Trump's Right-Hand Woman - Olivia Nuzzi, GQ
His Words Shaped Our Wars - Elliot Ackerman, The Daily Beast
White Rage - John Semley, The Globe and Mail
Hacking New York City - Reeves Wiedeman, New York Magazine
Salvaging the Automotive Past - John Greenya, The Washington Times
The Supreme Court - Thomas Healy, The Nation
Saturday, June 25
An Account of Homer's Iliad - Temple Cone, Washington Free Beacon
Summer Reading, History Edition - Gregg Lange, Princeton Alumni Weekly
Clancy's "Duty and Honor" - C.F. Foster, Florida Times-Union
My 10 Favorite Books - Laurie Anderson, The New York Times
Reading List Round-Up - Thomas Ricks, Foreign Policy
The Affirmative Action Surprise - David Cole, New York Review of Books
How to Break Free of Worry - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Hot Dogging Against Conformity - Etelka Lehoczky, NPR
Humanizing War - Ruth Joffre, The Millions
Novels That Take Place During Summer - Carrie Mullins, Electric Literature
Populism's Origin Story - John Williams, The New York Times
Friday, June 24
The 75 Best Books of the Past 75 Years - Ann Patchett, Parade
Reading Novels at Medical School - Daniel Marchalik, The New York Times
Little Red Chairs - Corinna Lothar, The Washington Times
By the Book - Annie Proulx, The New York Times
A Tokyo-Set Mystery - Sam Coale, Providence Journal
The New American Crisis - Greg Orman, The Daily Beast
What We're Reading in June - The A.V. Club
Reading, Rekindled - Caroline Lee, The Daily Californian
The Paradox of Identity - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
As Good As Gone - Michael Schaub, NPR
Thursday, June 23
American Warrior - Joseph Bottum, Washington Free Beacon
Best Reading of the Summer - Silvia Ascarelli, Market Watch
Ruins of the Third Reich - Martin Rubin, The Washington Times
A Gut-Twisting Descent - Jason Heller, NPR
The American Underclass - Dwight Garner, The New York Times
Human Rights in a Golden Age - Rebecca Tinsley, The Huffington Post
The Quintessential Summer Reading Guide - The Boston Globe
Trump's Enemies Are Even Worse - Roger Simon, The New York Post
Anne Tyler Tames Shakespeare - Ann Levin, Associated Press
The Emperor of Time - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Wednesday, June 22
Bill Clinton Was the 19th-Century's Grover Cleveland - Gilmer, Mashable
Mark Cuban's Favorite Books - Marguerite Ward, CNBC
Tragedy of the Bee Gees - Frank Valish, The A.V. Club
Battling Imperial Japan - Joseph Goulden, The Washington Times
Taming Shrewishness to Sparkle - Heller McAlpin, NPR
Best Science Fiction This Month - Nancy Hightower, The Washington Post
Is Evil Forgivable? - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
In the Darkroom - Susan Faludi, The Guardian
Shakespeare v. Milton - Constance Grady, Vox
One Man On a Mission - Thelma Adams, The Huffington Post
Tuesday, June 21
When Did Masculinity Die? - Bruce Fleming, Washington Free Beacon
The Case for Antidepressants - Abigail Zuger, The New York Times
A Long, British Weekend - Sandra McElwaine, The Washington Times
The Indignities of Aging - Heller McAlpin, NPR
Solstice, Seasonality and the Human Spirit - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
What You Should Read This Summer - Jarry Lee, BuzzFeed
Transformation of David Brooks - Danny Funt, Columbia Journalism Review
Wall Street's Reading List - Turney Duff, CNBC
Monday, June 20
Who Writes the Best Crime Novels? - Terrence Rafferty, The Atlantic
The Satan Brothers - Matthew Walther, Washington Free Beacon
Stormy Weather in Montana - David Wright, The Seattle Times
Democracy for Realists - Glenn Altschuler, Tulsa World
New and Noteworthy Books - Jocelyn McClurg, USA Today
On Farms and Farming - James Meek, London Review of Books
The Socratic Turn - Kate Havard, Washington Free Beacon
Funky Fiction - Jason Sheehan, NPR
Economics Rules - Brian Romanchuk, Seeking Alpha
The Odd Couple - Peter E. Gordon, The Nation

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