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Tuesday, May 26
Rise of the Robots and Our Jobless Future - Andrew Leonard, L.A. Times
Birth of Our Modern Army - Matthew Davenport, Salon
A Review of James Salter's Latest Novel - Walklin, The Lincoln Journal Star
1999: Our Last Innocent, Giddy Summer - Nathan Webster, The Daily Beast
8 Cloud-Computing Books - Joe McKendrick, Forbes
Great Britain and the Tears of the Rajas - Nigel Collett, The Diplomat
Hunters in the Dark - Anita Sethi, The Guardian
A Tale of Friendship, Magic and Danger - Amal El-Mohtar, NPR
The Migration Business - Jeremy Harding, London Review of Books
Saturday, May 23
A Google Map of All Your Favorite Books - Editorial Staff, Electric Literature
The Best Under-the-Radar Reads - Nancy Pearl, NPR
Divine Comedy is Among Mankind's Essentials - Thomson, Independent
American Literary Greatness - Cynthia Ozick, New York Times
Three Fiction Debuts Worth a Read - Jade Colbert, The Globe and Mail
On the Unparalleled Shirley Jackson - Neil Smith, The National Post
How iPhone Crippled Blackberry - McNish & Silcoff, Wall Street Journal
Does the Octopus Have a Soul? - William O'Connor, The Daily Beast
Reading Detroit - Anna Clark, The Guardian
Enlightenment and the Culture of Criticism - Jacob Soll, The New Republic
Cheering Spaceflight, Mourning its Fading - Tuhus-Dubrow, The L.A. Times
The 'True Face' of William Shakespeare - Lauren Strapagiel, Ottawa Citizen
Curation and the Illusion of Originality - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
The Millions Interviews Anne Enright - Diane Prokop, The Millions
Taya Kyle Finds the Silver Lining - Celia Walden, The Telegraph
Friday, May 22
Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books of May - Nancy Hightower, Washington Post
'Obama Doctrine' a Recipe for Failure - Peter Berkowitz, RealClearPolitics
Our 'Wonder Woman' Moment - Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, Huffington Post
The Trials of Hannah Arendt - Corey Robin, The Nation
Fighting Back Against the Leviathan - Clark Neily, Federalist
Paris Affair Landed Her at Vogue - Lisa Santandrea, The Daily Beast
The Right's Plan to Subvert Democracy - Brian Beutler, The New Republic
Head of State - Muriel Dobbin, The Washington Times
Thursday, May 21
The Surprising Books on Bin Laden's Reading List - Fottrell, MarketWatch
The Second American Revolution - Ted Lawrence, Washington Free Beacon
Playing Chess with Charles Manson - Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast
One Man's Hunt for Shakespeare's First Editions - Editors, NPR
The Anti-Democratic Manifesto - Brian Beutler, The New Republic
Anne Sexton's Sensual Love Poem - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Bob Woodward's Reaction to Bin Laden Reading his Book - Lozada, WP
Who Are the Modern Mercenaries? - William Rosenau, War on the Rocks
Tom Brokaw's Luck Hasn't Run Out - Laura Landro, Wall Street Journal
How 'Penny Dreadful' Adapts Multiple Books - Ryan Britt, Electric Lit
Wednesday, May 20
Bill Gates 7 Summer Books - Matt Krantz, USA Today
Jimmy Carter Having 'Best Sex of His Life' - C-SPAN
Beware the Rise of the Pseudo-Intellectual - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
The Holden Caulfield of Late Night TV - Ronald Fried, The Daily Beast
Sex, Race and Marriage - Dwight Garner, The New York Times
What I lost in the War - Terry Hertzler, Iowa Review
How Reagan Used Religious Freedom Against Russia - Brands, NY Post
A Beautiful and Disquieting History of Baghdad - Flood, The Guardian
Rise Up for Free Speech! - William Murchison, American Spectator
A Storm Blew in Paradise - Amanda Hopkinson, The Independent
Tuesday, May 19
RealClearDefense's Summer Reading List - James Holmes, RCDefense
Two Sides of the Vietnam War - Arnold Isaacs, Cicero Magazine
A Literary Facebook - Micah Mattix, Washington Free Beacon
A Brain Surgeon's New Tell-ALl - Michiko Kakutani, New York Times
George Orwell's Ode to Springtime - Ben Cosgrove, The Daily Beast
The 'Match Book' Challenge - Nicole Lany, Boston Globe
5 Must-Reads From Around the World - Ann Morgan, The Huffington Post
Shirley Jackson's Parenting Memoirs - Dan Kois, Slate
Caesar's Death Re-Examined - G. Matthew Adkins, Washington Independent
The Modern Industry of 'Happiness' - Vicki Pryce, The Independent
Monday, May 18
8 Great Road Trip Novels - Ryan Britt, Electric Literature
The Favorite Books of 'Mad Men' - Laura Rosenfeld, Tech Times
Snapshots of L.A.'s Dark Side - Carolyn Kellogg, The Los Angeles Times
A History of Sex and Secrecy at Westminster - Michael Bloch, The Guardian
Readers' Favorite Business Books - Charlotte Clarke, Financial Times
Books to Make You a Better Investor - Trang Ho, Forbes
Anger, Forgiveness and Maturity - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
An Interview with Kazuo Ishiguro - Gayduk, Los Angeles Review of Books
The Need for Better Space Regulation - Doug Johnstone, The Independent
Dolci and Garbanzos - Eugenia Bone, Wall Street Journal
Saturday, May 16
This Summer's 10 Must-Read Books - Jennifer Maloney, Wall Street Journal
5 New June Releases to Look For - Bobby Bernstein, Heavy
What to Read While Waiting for 'Winds of Winter'? - Sachin Trivedi, IBT
Churchill at War - Andrew Kugle, Washington Free Beacon
Putting the Constitution Back into Politics - James Arkin, RealClearBooks
The Father of Freakonomics - Carol Tavris, Wall Street Journal
Indie Bookstores Are Finally Not Dying - Joanna Scutts, The Daily Beast
A Realist Manifesto - Frank Hoffman, War on the Rocks
The Roger Federer Obsession - Julian Barnes, The Guardian
Target Tokyo - Tony Perry, The Los Angeles Times
The Making of Zombie Wars - Michael Schaub, NPR
The Daylight Marriage - Nick Romeo, The Boston Globe
Interview with an American Poet - Jonah Raskin, San Francisco Chronicle
Book About Hurricane Katrina Wins Award - Associated Press

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