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Tuesday, April 21
The Generals of the Civil War - Joseph Goulden, Washington Times
Inside the Pulitzer Prize Book Winners - Editors, The Daily Beast
American History as a Gay Epic - The Washington Post
The Plague of Campus Rape - Stuart Taylor, Wall Street Journal
Bibliophile's Defense of Physical Books - William Giraldi, The New Republic
This Week's New and Noteworthy - Editors, USA Today
Toni Morrison 'Regrets Everything' - Terry Gross, NPR
Why Women Aren't Having Children - Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic
Anti-Hillary Books: The Season's New Genre? - Husna Haq, CSM
Knausgaard's 'My Struggle: Book 4' - Dwight Garner, The New York Times
Monday, April 20
New Book Questions Clinton Donations - Amy Chozick, New York Times
Fastest-Selling Thriller in History - William O'Connor, The Daily Beast
The End of the Republic - Tom Rogan, Washington Free Beacon
Krakauer's 'Missoula' Looks at Rape in College Town - Maslin, NYTimes
Lewis & Clark: Post-Apocalypse - Jane Henderson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Billy Martin: Baseball Brawler - Matt Damsker, USA Today
David Brooks on Character - NPR Staff, NPR
Philosophers: Writing Between the Lines - Jerry Weinberger, City Journal
The Forever War is Forever Relevant - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Paulson on China - Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Wall Street Journal
Saturday, April 18
World's Weirdest Libraries, in Photos - William O'Connor, The Daily Beast
10 Books Recommended for Military Leaders - Tom Ricks, Foreign Policy
Too Many Books? - Tim Parks, New York Review of Books
10 Books Your Kids Aren't Supposed to Read - Ascarelli, MarketWatch
Book Collecting Remains Strong - Steven Rosenbush, Wall Street Journal
The Trials of Lewis and Clark in 'Dead Lands' - Jason Sheehan, NPR
18th Century Guide to Soft-Core Erotic Fiction - Nicola Twilley, New Yorker
Consequences of the Partition that Created Pakistan - Washington Post
Hijacking Hugo's Won't Stifle Diversity in Sci Fi - Hurley, The Atlantic
The Moment Saul Bellow Found His Voice - Zachary Leader, The Guardian
An Illustrated Tale of Love, Loss and Redemption - Popova, Brain Pickings
God Help the Child by Toni Morrison - Leo Robson, The Telegraph
Authors on their Literary Idols - Editors, The Los Angeles Times
Freeman Dyson: By the Book - Editors, The New York Times
Does Yoda Come from Medieval Times? - Sarah Griffiths, Daily Mail
Holocaust and History's Many Lessons - Seth Mandel, Commentary
Economics and Politics of Taxing Carbon - Irwing Stelzer, Weekly Standard
Friday, April 17
1929: The Great Crash - Olivia Mitchell, Wall Street Journal
When JFK's Inner Circle Turned to Jackie - Helen O'Donnell, Daily Beast
Richard Pryor's Offensive Comedy Can Liberate - Jeet Heer, New Republic
A Conversation with T.C. Boyle - Ryan Bradley, Electric Literature
Self-Help, the Special Operations Way - Jean Zimmerman, NPR
State-Building and the West's 'Empire in Denial' - Cicero Magazine
The Truth About Terror - Sarah Ungerleider, Barnes & Noble Review
Charles Dickens, 'Authorpeneur' - Nina Martyris, Paris Review
Women Soldiers On the Spec Ops Battlefield - Leo Jenkins, Havok Journal
Q&A with Young Adult Horror Writer R.L. Stine - Nolan Feeney, Time
Thursday, April 16
Move Over, Freakonomics! - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, MarketWatch
The Year that Changed Everything - John Rentoul, The Independent
Was I Wrong About the End of Science? - John Horgan, Scientific American
12 Timeless Lessons From Warren Buffett's Favorite Book - Biz Insider
Book is a Guidepost to Millennial Generation - Anna Wiener, New Republic
ICYMI: Liberal Parents, Radical Kids - Abby Schachter, Weekly Standard
Why Idealism is the Best Realism - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Honoring Poet Robert Bly - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Our Bitter Pill: Healthcare - Marcia Angell, New York Review of Books
The College Admissions Frenzy - Frank Bruni, RCP Changing Lanes
Wednesday, April 15
Ottomans Ruined the 20th Century - James Warren, The Daily Beast
Love and Science After the Apocalypse - Jason Heller, NPR
The Neuroscientist Novelist - Jocelyn McClurg, USA Today
Dust Storm Inspired Mass Exodus and a Great Novel - Latson, Time
The Language of Paradise - Samantha Nelson, The A.V. Club
The Healthy Way of Being Dirty - Alex Renton, Newsweek
Designing the New American University - Newfield, L.A. Review of Books
Union Vets and Their Unending Civil War - Polner, History News Network
Rivalries in Washington's Cabinet - Robert Landers, Wall Street Journal
Legends on the Fairway and the Green - Gary Van Sickle,
Tuesday, April 14
The Men Behind Lincoln's Assassination - Tim Baker, Newsweek
Computer Finds Lost Shakespeare Play - Helen Anders, The Daily Beast
'Tin Drum': Greatest Novel of 20th Century? - Eileen Battersby, Irish Times
Slavery: The Civil War's Primary Cause - Tim Reuter, Forbes
Hear Me Roar: New Novel 'Half the World' - James Braid, Free Beacon
H.L. Mencken: Baseball Fan - Joseph Goulden, Washington Times
Iraq's Unlikely Eulogist - Max Boot, Wall Street Journal
Moral Ambiguity in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War - Eyal Press, The Nation
Social Media Changed the Internet and Us - Peterson, Washington Post
Poetry: Death of a Father - Michael Ernest Sweet, Huffington Post
Extortion, Politics and Mysticism in Peru - Christian Science Monitor
Monday, April 13
30 Great Opening Lines in Literature - Editors, The Telegraph
This Week's Must-Read Books - Billy Heller, New York Post
If You Read One Book About Libertarianism - Nick Gillespie, Daily Beast
Secret Lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton - Kate Andersen Brower, Politico
Thucydides and the Pursuit of Freedom - Kate Havard, Free Beacon
Reflections on the Loss of a Spouse - Lynell George, Los Angeles Times
Candice Bergen Beyond 'Murphy Brown' - Sandra McElwaine, Daily Beast
Two Biographies Get Us No Closer in Understanding Hillary - LRB
The Brothers Tsarnaev - Jennifer Day, Chicago Tribune
Magic 8 Q&A with Author Jane Urquhart - Editors, CBC
Saturday, April 11
10 Most Beautiful Bookshops in Pictures - Fiona Macdonald, BBC
Terry Pratchett's 50 Best Quotes - Martin Chilton, The Telegraph
Gallipoli and Myth of Aussie Nationhood - Germaine Greer, New Statesman
The Man Who Killed John Wilkes Booth - Margaret Gray, L.A. Times
A New Way to Write About Race - Nick Laird, New York Review of Books
The Original Hell's Kitchen - Aaron Maclean, Washington Free Beacon
Responding to the Attack on Pearl Harbor - James Scott, Washington Times
A Nocturnal History of London - Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, The Guardian
Sports Media's Strange Obsession With Politics - Daniel Flynn, Breitbart
Civil War's Secret Power Brokers: The 'Capital Dames' - Editors, NPR

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