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Sunday, November 3
The Digital Blast Radius of 'Double Down' - Peter Hamby, Washington Post
A Second Draft of Bush History - David Frum, New York Times
The Story of America's Fracking Billionaires - Gary Sernovitz, TNR
Ender's Game: Millennials vs. Boomers - Alexander Huls, The Atlantic
How Has the Internet Changed Story-Telling? - New York Times
When Privacy Is Theft - Margaret Atwood, New York Review of Books
Learning to Write in a New Language - Pia de Jong, Washington Post
Slaves of the Internet, Unite! - Tim Kreider, New York Times
Information-Age Philosopher-Kings - Robert Tracinski, Tracinski Letter
E-Book Growth Is Stagnating - Eliana Dockterman, Time
From Bishop's Fists to Interrobangs - Jon Day, Daily Telegraph
Chinese Literary Giant Appears in Chains - Yiqin Fu, Tea Leaf Nation
Friday, November 1
Amazon Is Doing What?!? - Liz Bury, The Guardian
The Twisted Mind of 'Ender's Game' - Laura Miller, Salon
4 Things Ender's Movie Got Right - Natalie Zutter, Bookish
19 Ways to Keep on Writing - Tom Lowery, Huffington Post
Lost in the Birth Rates - Peter Lawler, Library of Law & Liberty
Your Old Comics Are Probably Worthless - Eric Spitznagel, Yahoo!
Piers Anthony's Sad, Misogynistic Fantasy - Jason Heller, AV Club
When Jihad Came to the Taj - Dwight Garner, New York Times
Drink Pepto Bismol All Night Long - Nicky Smith, Splice
Thursday, October 31
Season of the Witch - Scott Poole, Huffington Post
Boris Karloff, Man Behind The Monster - Loren Kantor, Splice
Church Plans Halloween Bible Burning - Tom Chivers, Telegraph
Nick Offerman Is Not Ron Swanson - R.J. Moeller, Acculturated
US-Mexico Border: History's Sinkhole - Greg Grandin, The Nation
NYT Columnist: I'll Give Royalties to Hamas! - Alana Goodman, WFB
Ronald Coase's China - Pedro Schwartz, Library of Economics & Liberty
You Don't Want to Be a Writer - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Rush Limbaugh's Kids Book in Stores Now! - Greg Zeman, Politix
Mark Twain Found America's Voice - George Neumayr, IBD
Wednesday, October 30
The Agonies of Writing - Jeremy Lott, Splice Today
3 Political Languages You Need to Know - Mary Noble, Politix
Journalists Try to Chill Free Speech - Nick Cohen, The Spectator
Common Core's Absurd Reading Guidelines - Blaine Greteman, TNR
The Great American Baseball Novel - Roger Kaplan, American Spectator
5 Lines Working Parents Ought to Draw - Sharon Meers, Bookish
Has P.D. James Solved a 1931 Murder? - Liz Bury, Guardian
Alice Munro Is Political - Anna Szymanski, Huffington Post
When Mars Attacked - Marc Wortman, The Daily Beast
Tuesday, October 29
J.J. Abrams, Lord of the Nerds - Stuart Kelly, Guardian
Ghostwriting for Jesus - Mark Oppenheimer, New York Times
Calvin & Hobbes Inspired a Generation - Sam Waldman, Atlantic
Cursed Are the Peacemakers? - James Srodes, Washington Times
What Makes an Amazon Bestseller? - Gabe Habash, Publishers Weekly
Lou Reed's Rock & Roll Poetry - David Ulin, Los Angeles Times
Blessed Are the Cat Lovers - Anthony Lane, New Yorker
The Best Book on JFK - John Judis, The New Republic
Philip Roth Unbound - Hannah Gersen, The Millions
Monday, October 28
Amazon Publishing Head Walks - Carolyn Kellogg, LA Times
17 Sci-Fi Books Everyone Should Read - Jeremy Bender, BuzzFeed
Attack of the Kindergartners! - Elizabeth Bluemle, Publishers Weekly
Where the Men's Movement Came From - Mark Judge, Acculturated
Diplomatic Jeremiads - William Anthony Hay, Library of Law & Liberty
Will the Clintons Hug Bill Richardson? - Eileen Shields West, Politix
R.L. Stine to Terrorize Shadyside Again - Marah Eakin, AV Club
My Girlfriend Won't Read the Book I Gave Her - Book Riot
Moby-Dick for Toddlers - Julie Bosman, New York Times
Saturday, October 26
The Case for Hate Speech - Jonathan Rauch, The Atlantic
Ray Bradbury's Realist Fiction - David Barnett, The Guardian
He Sleeps With the Fishwrap - David Freedlander, The Daily Beast
Pop Culture in the White House - Jacob Kamaras, Jewish News Service
5 Words Film Buffs Want You To Know - Tyler Vendetti, Hello Giggles
Meet John Lukacs - John Willson, The American Conservative
11 Christian Book Promos Gone Wrong - Katelyn Beaty, CT
'Little Bee' Will Break Your Heart - Kristen Mascia, Bookish
Up From Jihadism - Jennifer Bryson, Public Discourse
What Glass Ceiling? - David Mark, Politix
Friday, October 25
No Longer Banned in Tucson - Roque Planas, Huffington Post
Has Alice Munro Really Retired? - Emily Keeler, Los Angeles Times
A Real Life Action Movie - Dale Timothy White, Washington Times
I Have Completely Run Out of Books - Jessa Crispin, Bookslut
Awful Times Ahead for Magazines - Russ Smith, Splice Today
Bloodbath Before the Dawn - Richard Evans, New Statesman
50 Shades of Gatsby - Natalie Zutter, Bookish
The Word for... - Ian Crouch, New Yorker
Thursday, October 24
Ender's Awful Sequel - Noah Berlatsky, Salon
The Trouble With Texas - Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine
10 Great Counter-Factual Novels - D.J. Taylor, The Guardian
What Would Shakespeare Tweet? - Lefferts & Mascia, Bookish
Ploughboys and Indians - Gene Callahan, American Conservative
C.S. Lewis Never Said It - Matthew Lee Anderson, Mere Orthodoxy
So Glad I Started Book Blogging - D.G. Myers, A Commonplace Blog
The Busiest Bar in Publishing - Patrick Wensink, The Millions
Norman Mailer for President? - Peter Tonguette, CSM

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