RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Sunday, February 15
A Statement of Faith - Robert Draper, New York Times
A Battle Cry for Smaller Government - Gov. Scott Walker, Washington Times
James Madison Is Making a Comeback - David Holahan, Christian Science Monitor
Technology Is Destroying Your Mind - Matthew Wisnioski, Washington Post
A Revolution in 'Bottom-Up Medicine' - Sandeep Jauhar, New York Times
A History of Disappearing Religions - Robert Joustra, Books & Culture
Do You Know Your ABCs? - Carlos Lozada, Washington Post
Sunday, February 8
Did Affordable Housing Tank the Economy? - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearBooks
Why Solzhenitsyn Is Still Relevant - Brian Anderson, The New Criterion
The Case Against English - Katy Waldman, Salon

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