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Monday, February 8
The Inequality Problem - Ed Miliband, London Review of Books
Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars - Aylana Meisel, Free Beacon
Shylock is My Name - Stephanie Merritt, The Guardian
Mein Kampf is a Must-Read - Peter Range, The Daily Beast
Remembering Slavery, Again - Susan Gillman, Los Angeles Review of Books
Love, Actually - Michelle Dean, The New Republic
The Other Paris - Reed Underwood, The Atlantic
The Language of Secrets - Associated Press
David Frost's Life - John Greenya, The Washington Times
A Reminder from Teddy Roosevelt - G. Cowan, New Republic
Saturday, February 6
28 Books to Read in 2016 - Jeva Lange, The Week
The Spartan Version - Aaron MacLean, Washington Free Beacon
8 Books that Changed America - John J. Miller, Philanthropy Roundtable
Two Basic Mindsets Shape Our Lives - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
What Baseball Can Teach Us About America - Senderowicz, The Federalist
Coming Home From War - Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Books that Make Money in China - Jacobs & Forsythe, The New York Times
The Clinton System - Simon Head, New York Review of Books
Self-Immolation Threatens China's Government - Woeser, New Republic
Life of a Junior Doctor - Lana Rawls, London Review of Books
The Widow - Claire Hopley, The Washington Times
Better Living Through Criticism - Michael Wood, The New York Times
Being an Immigrant is Harder than Ever - Ozge Samanci, The Daily Beast
Friday, February 5
Political Action and Primacy of Virtue - Daniel J. Mahoney, City Journal
Groucho Marx, Pacino of the Jews - Lee Siegel, Tablet Magazine
The Road to Character - Jim Danielson, Lincoln Journal Star
Screwball Spin on Soviet Anti-Semitism - Maureen Corrigan, NPR Books
The Bravest Woman in Seattle - Madison Pauly, Mother Jones
Trump: Surviving at the Top - Gary Belis, Fortune
Balancing the Logical and the Ludicrous - Janelle Brown, Los Angeles Times
Grandparents in Love and War - Gavin Jacobson, The New Republic
The Syrian Jihad - David Patrikarakos, Prospect Magazine
My Father, the Pornographer - Michael Lindgren, The Washington Post
Thursday, February 4
A New Deal for Europe - Thomas Piketty, New York Review of Books
Black Deutschland - Dwight Garner, The New York Times
Meth and a Missing Mom - Michael Schaub, NPR Books
Cold War Modernists - Donal Harris, Los Angeles Review of Books
The Eliot Shelf - Edward Short, The Weekly Standard
The Stories Sons Tell - Molly Osberg, The New Republic
Israel's Willful Blindness - Stuart Klawans, The Nation
The Blue Line - Laura Albritton, Miami Herald
My Name is Lucy Barton - Randon Billings Noble, The A.V. Club
We are Haunted, We are Cured - Antonia Crane, Electric Literature
Wednesday, February 3
What is Barack Obama's Legacy? - Donna Bailey Nurse, Maclean's
The Depths of Addiction - Gabor Mate, The Globe and Mail
Democracy's Destabilizer: TMI - Virginia Postrel, Bloomberg View
Why Western Civilization Needs Heroes - Louis Markos, The Federalist
Charlie Parker's Junkie Jazz Alchemy - Nat Hentoff, The Daily Beast
James Joyce's Love Letters - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Fighting with the ANA in Korengal - Darren Shadix, Foreign Policy
A Not-New Deal for Higher Ed - Ian Lindquist, Washington Free Beacon
What Hollywood Owes Authors - Mike Fleming Jr., Deadline
Tuesday, February 2
Afghanistan's Romeo and Juliet - Rod Nordland, Mashable
Genius of Infinite Jest - Scott Timberg, Salon
The Selfish Gene - Matt Ridley, Nature
David Bowie's Final Years - Brian Hiatt, Rolling Stone
History of the Challenger Disaster - M. Lazarus Dean, Popular Mechanics
A Quirky Spin on Marriage and Family - Maureen Corrigan, NPR Books
Keeping Up with Dr. Miami - Tierney Finster, Medium
Youth - Sam Kitchner, The Independent
When Hollywood's Algorithm Failed - Benjamin Wallace, Vulture
Titans of Industry and Innovation - Shannon Wianecki, Smithsonian
Monday, February 1
Top 10 Business Books from 2015 - Shep Hyken, Forbes
The Gods are Dead - Jason Sheehan, NPR Books
The Great Whiskey Heist - Reeves Wiedeman, Men's Journal
On Gender and Sexuality - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
A Suicide Pact Between Parents - Julia Medew, The Sydney Morning Herald
Hunting the Butcher of Bosnia - Julian Borger, The Guardian
Tokyo is the World's Best Food City - Dave Chang, Lucky Peach
Who Owns the Sun? - Noah Buhayar, Bloomberg Businessweek
Two New Books on Retirement Planning - Value Walk
Saturday, January 30
Rise and Fall of American Growth - Paul Krugman, The New York Times
Ayn Rand Made Me a Communist - Jacob Bacharach, The New Republic
From Plato's Bedroom to the Modern Campus - Ian Lindquist, Free Beacon
Taking Literature to the Streets - Katharine Schwab, The Atlantic
Coetzee's Facts of Life - Becca Rothfeld, The Nation
Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust - Stefan Ihrig, The Daily Beast
Mystery and Allure of Horses - Megan McDonough, The Washington Post
Through Albanian Eyes - Stephen Schwartz, The Weekly Standard
Understanding Immigration - Ian Goldin, Five Books
Which Roald Dahl Character are You? - Dania Arafeh, The Guardian
Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali - Robert Anasi, Los Angeles Times
Youngblood - Peter Van Buren, The Huffington Post
Friday, January 29
How to Read 100 Books this Year - Darius Foroux, New York Observer
The One Economic Book You Must Read Now - Rana Foroohar, Time
Books that Made an Epic New Sci-Fi Novel Possible - Sulagna Misra, Wired
Unspeakable Things - Claire Hopley, The Washington Times
The Butcher's Trail - George Arney, The Independent
From Scholarly to Zany - Annalisa Quinn, NPR Books
Trusting the Reading Universe - Stephanie Vanderslice, The Huffington Post
Ideas for Better Writing - Voice of America
Helen MacDonald By the Book - The New York Times
Speed Reading? - Katherine Ellen Foley, Quartz

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