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Thursday, September 29
The Virginity of Famous Men - Lauren Christensen, The New York Times
A Novelist Fascinated by Novellas - Amy Sutherland, The Boston Globe
Where Germans Make Peace with Their Dead - B. Bilger, New Yorker
Political Opportunity in Automation - Will Brett, The Long and Short
Information Can Break you - Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine
The Lay of the Land - J. Drew Lanham, Places Journal
The Case Against Prisons - Rebecca Gordon, The Nation
Enigma Variations - Josephine Livingstone, The New Republic
The Huntress - Elaine Elinson, San Francisco Chronicle
Recipe for Failure Overseas - Peter Berkowitz, RealClearPolitics
Wednesday, September 28
13 Books to Read in October - Lauren Christensen, Harper's Bazaar
Harvard-set Novel is Required Reading - Joanna Novak, Salon
Hillbilly Empathy - Gladden Pappin, Library of Law and Liberty
Our Cultural Fascination with Time Travel - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Cultural History of Lusitania Disaster - Martin Rubin, Washington Times
Finding the Art in Science - Carolyn Kellogg, Los Angeles Times
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Unpublished Story - Sarah Begley, Time
Power of a Cartoonist's Pen - Juan Vidal, NPR
Nebraskan's Observations Lead to Winning Poetry - Cindy Conger, LJS
The Invention of Nature - Barbara Kiser, Nature
Tuesday, September 27
Five Best Books on the Anthropocene - Gaia Vince, Five Books
Mediocre Suspense Novel? - Michael Schaub, NPR
Don't Try to Make a Living Writing Short Stories - Wired
The Real Obama Doctrine - Colin Dueck, The National Interest
The Nearly Essential Goethe - Frank Freeman, University Bookman
1960s Radicalism and West Point - Madeleine Dobie, L.A. Review of Books
Reform, Reformations, the West - Samuel Gregg, Library of Law and Liberty
Message in a Bottle - Brandon Lingle, The American Scholar
House Revenge - Muriel Dobbin, The Washington Times
Make America 1962 Again - Ted Lawrence, Washington Free Beacon
Monday, September 26
My 6 Favorite Books - Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Week
Weird, Brilliant Little Novel - Ron Charles, The Denver Post
How to Read a Book a Week - Chris Plante, The Verge
The Obama Exit Interview - Doris Kearns Goodwin, Vanity Fair
Did FDR Know He Was Dying? - Lynne Olson, The New York Times
JFK and the Reagan Revolution - Ralph Benko, Forbes
Tainted by Suspicion - Richard Kirk, American Thinker
Japanese War Brides - Kathryn Tolbert, The Washington Post
Splendor of Autumn - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
America's War for the Middle East - David Rohde, The New York Times
Saturday, September 24
The Necessity of the Rich - Richard Epstein, Wall Street Journal
A Missed Opportunity For Serious Debate On Inequality - Ed Conard, AEI
How to Read Books Intelligently - Thu-Huong Ha, Quartz
The Babe Ruth Deception - James Srodes, The Washington Times
Teddy Roosevelt the Reader - Daniel Ruddy, National Review Online
What Are We Allowed to Say? - David Bromwich, London Review of Books
American Politics and Fear - Christopher Preble, The National Interest
The Sorcerer of Jazz - Adam Shatz, New York Review of Books
The Bestseller Code - Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker
First-Person Fetus - Aaron MacLean, Washington Free Beacon
A Poet Undone - John Pallattella, The Nation
On Writing Great, Big Books - John Scalzi, Los Angeles Times
Exhilarating Epic of a Memoir - Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone
Friday, September 23
America's Best Days Are Not Behind Us - Bill Gates, Gates Notes
Richard Ford Reviews Bruce Springsteen's Memoir - Richard Ford, NYT
Claude Monet On Beauty During War - Christopher Sullivan, Miami Herald
Restoring America After Obama - Anthony Sadar, The Washington Times
Happiness: Not a Management Tool - The Economist
Fear of Narcissism - Sabra Embury, VICE
Ian McEwan's Latest - Anne Kingston, Maclean's
A Field Guide to Lies - Michael Harris, The Globe and Mail
The Lesser Bohemians - Annalisa Quinn, NPR
By the Book - Richard Plepler, The New York Times
Thursday, September 22
Best Foreign Crime Fiction - Barry Forshaw, The Independent
End of White Christian America? - Michael Sean Winters, N.C. Reporter
Story of Native North America - Ciaran Brady, The Irish Times
20 Books That Will Soon Be Movies - Jacob Shamsian, Insider
Past, Present and Future of Old Age - Walter Laqueur, The American Interest
Cervantes, Inventor of Fiction? - Sam Leith, The Spectator
Crisis of Inequality in the Gilded Age - David D'Amato, University Bookman
Political Power of Art - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
China's Answer to Magic Realism - Adrienne Matei, Quartz
Bruce Springsteen Autobiography - Dwight Garner, The New York Times
Wednesday, September 21
Work Like Any Other - P. Jean Bennett, RealClearBooks
State of the Presidential Debate - Jill Lepore, The New Yorker
Danger in Books - Dan Rodricks, Chicago Tribune
Stalin's Last American Spy - Joseph Goulden, The Washington Times
Not Yet a Return to Print - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Walt Whitman for Troubled Times - E. Thomas Finan, The Millions
The Permission Society - Tony Mills, RealClearPolicy
The First Drone Strike - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Eudora Welty On Power of Photography - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Tuesday, September 20
China's Gold Rush in the Hills of Appalachia - Suzy Khimm, Foreign Policy
Forbidden Love in a Doomed World - Martin Rubin, The Washington Times
Compelling WWII Thriller - Jeff Ayers, Associated Press
How Long it Took Writers to Write Famous Books - Electric Literature
On Reading Old Books - Rachelle Peterson, First Things
By the Book - Richard Plepler, The New York Times
Borges On Existence - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Life and Death of Marcel Proust - J.P. Smith, The Millions
Why Do We Honor Combat Veterans? - Jesse Goolsby, NPR
The Books in My Life - Lauren Groff, Lit Hub
Monday, September 19
10 Nominees for Non-Fiction National Book Award - The New Yorker
How to Tell if You're a Jerk - Eric Schwitzgebel, Nautilus
Blood, Sweat and Booze - Ofer Aderet, Haaretz
The Price of Perfect Altruism - Michael Regnier, Mosaic
Modern American Dream - Constance Grady, Vox
5 Sports Books for Fall - Juan Vidal, NPR
Red State Blues - Jedediah Purdy, The New Republic
Taking On a Big Story - Mark Athitakis, The Washington Post
Think Tragically to Avoid Tragedy - Aaron Kliegman, Free Beacon
Case Against Banning Books - Megan Garber, The Atlantic

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