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Tuesday, October 13
October's 6 Scariest New Books - Nicole Jones, Vanity Fair
John Grisham's Terrific New Thriller - Maureen Corrigan, Washington Post
A Grand Meditation on Heroism - David Greenberg, RealClearBooks
Bastards of the Reagan Era - Michiko Kakutani, New York Times
Europe Between the Wars - Aram Bakshian, The Washington Times
Heading for Trouble - R.A. Recchia, The Big Roundtable
Alpha Males and Forced Seduction - Batya Ungar-Sargon, Aeon
How The Super-Wealthy Stay On Top - P. Robison, Bloomberg Businessweek
Best Young Writers in America - Lincoln Michel, Electric Literature
The Wrightin' Side of Jim Webb - David Masciotra, The Daily Beast
Monday, October 12
Heroic Heart: Greenberg v. Kagan - Greenberg & Kagan & Lindberg, RCB
This Week's Must-Reads - Billy Heller, New York Post
How Tom Wolfe Became...Tom Wolfe - Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair
Nietzsche On Embracing Hardship - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Diving Into the Deep South - Bret Lott, The Boston Globe
Portrait of a Castrato - Colm Toibin, London Review of Books
Rise of ISIS and Logic of Fanaticism - Elliot Ackerman, The Intercept
How Trump Took Over a Virginia Vineyard - M. Kashino, Washingtonian
Writing What I Don't Know - H.S. Cross, The Millions
A Life of Poetry and Tragedy - Editors, NPR Books
Saturday, October 10
50 Scariest Books of All Time - Emily Temple, Flavorwire
Re-Visiting Revolutionary Kansas - John Waters, RealClearBooks
The Conservative Rebellion - Aram Bakshian, The Washington Times
A Frightening Farewell from Ruth Rendell - A. Wilson, The Independent
The Hidden Kennedy Daughter - Meryl Gordon, The New York Times
The Good, the Bad and the Veteran - Stuart Klawans, The Nation
The Boy Who Cried Woolf - B.D. McClay, Washington Free Beacon
Strangers Drowning - Madeleine Schwartz, The Boston Globe
Japan Restored - Jim Miles, Foreign Policy Journal
The Supply-Sider-in-Chief - David Smick, Wall Street Journal
A Southern Festival of Books - Jen Todd, The Tennessean
Friday, October 9
15 World-Changing Books - Crystal Paul, The New York Times
A Sit-Down With God - Naomi Riley, Wall Street Journal
The Last American Highway - Meredith McGowan, The Lincoln Journal Star
Nike, Adidas and The Sneaker Wars - Matthew Shaer, GQ Magazine
Essays on Art - Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe
10 Reasons Books Get Banned - Sarah Begley, Time Magazine
A Book about Surrealism - Mark Armao, Wall Street Journal
By the Book with Diana Nyad - Editors, The New York Times
Branding Guyana - Frank Bures, Nowhere Magazine
The Prom Queen of Instagram - Reeves Wiedeman, New York Magazine
Thursday, October 8
Why We Fall in Love - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
The Gladiators of Ancient Rome - Emma McFarnon, History Extra
A Comedian's 10 Favorite Books - Julie Klausner, The New York Times
Mourning the Loss of an Attention Span - Jeff Nunokawa, The New Republic
Monsters in Literature - Editors, Electric Literature
The End of Tsarist Russia - Joseph Goulden, The Washington Times
Donald Trump Isn't Going Anywhere - Leibovich, New York Times Magazine
2015's Most Swoon-Worthy Romance Books - Kelly Gallucci, Bookish
Me, Incorporated - Ann Friedman, The New Republic
How the Body Keeps Time - Veronique Greenwood, Quantum Magazine
Wednesday, October 7
Top 10 Literary Biographies - Jay Parini, The Guardian
400 Years of Nonsense about Don Quixote - M. Jensen, The New Republic
How James Dean Changed Acting Forever - Paul Alexander, The Daily Beast
Oral History of Joe Theismann's Broken Leg - L. Mullins, Washingtonian
From West Point to French Foreign Legion - Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone
The Fall of King Coal - Tim Murphy, Mother Jones
A New Fight Against Heroin - Chris Sweeney, Boston Magazine
Evangelicals Won't Cave - Russell Moore, First Things Magazine
Rad American Women A-Z - Elaine Ellison, Truthdig
Best L.A. Books of the Year - Allison Hill, L.A. Daily News
Tuesday, October 6
Thomas Sowell's Wealth, Poverty and Politics - John Hayward, Breitbart
Best Books This Week - Editors, The Huffington Post
Who Was Jack the Ripper? - Tobias Grey, The New York Times
Hillary Clinton's Favorite Book? - Caitlin White, Bustle
Why Are Libraries Banning Books? - Clay Calvert, Newsweek
The World's Dirtiest Eco-Fighters - Nathaniel Rich, The Daily Beast
A City on Fire - Christian Lorentzen, Vulture
On Mercy - Lacy Johnson, Guernica
Inside a Criminal Mind - Erika Hayasaki, California Sunday Magazine
Addicted to Altruism - Elizabeth Winkler, The New Republic
Monday, October 5
Death and The All-American Boy - Kitty Kelley, Washingtonian
4 Books to Inspire Your Next Hike - Enrique Gili, Mother Nature Network
The Amazing Inner Lives of Animals - Flannery, New York Review of Books
The Rise and Logic of Fanaticism - Elliot Ackerman, The Intercept
The First-Person Industrial Complex - Laura Bennett, Slate
Why We Mourned Cecil - Kerry Howley, The New Yorker
The American Vigilantes Battling ISIS - J. Percy, New York Times Magazine
Ferrante Fever Hits New York City - Sarah Galo, The New Republic
Stephen Harper - Michael Taube, The Washington Times
Hemingway's New Museum - Nicolaus Mills, The Daily Beast
Saturday, October 3
15 Best Books of September 2015 - Jackson & Kane, Paste Magazine
A Pattern of Lies - Muriel Dobbin, The Washington Times
10 Great Hurricane Reads - William Boot, The Daily Beast
A Kissinger Conflict of Interest - Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times
What's the Matter with Hungary? - George Szirtes, The Daily Beast
Kissinger the Idealist - Andrew Roberts, The New York Times
The Killing Kind - Daneet Steffens, The Boston Globe
Grace Jones Unbridled - Nathan Smith, The Daily Beast
The Art of Extinction - David Merkel, Value Walk
A New Ted Hughes Biography - Jonathan Gibbs, The Independent
A Meditation on the Meaning of Home - Amy Weiss-Meyer, The Atlantic
A Magnum for Digital Documentarians - Kyle Chayka, The New Republic

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