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Saturday, November 28
100 Notable Books of 2015 - Editors, The New York Times
A Critique of Modern Complacency - Michael Dirda, The Washington Post
A Second Look at the Federal Reserve - Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast
The Day Jobs that Inspired Great Authors - Electric Literature
A New Translation of 'The Iliad' - Eben Shapiro, Wall Street Journal
Get Happy! - Jackson Lears, The Nation
A Hopeful Highsmith Ending - Nathan Smith, The New Republic
The Many Perks of Being Dirty - Tom Philpott, Mother Jones
The Art of Self-Culture - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Creative Writing Program to Combat the Cold War? - Micah Mattix, WFB
Reading about Sports - Jacob Lambert, The Millions
Friday, November 27
The Best History Books of 2015 - Wm. Roger Louis, Wall Street Journal
Secrets of the World's Best Schools - Editors, The Daily Beast
Australia's Secret History as a White Utopia - Matt Novak, Paleofuture
Holiday at the Dictator's Guesthouse - Joshua Hunt, The Atavist
Carly Simon's New Memoir - Janet Maslin, The New York Times
Trying to Explain - Peter Gleick, The Huffington Post
A Philosopher at Play - Colin Dwyer, NPR Books
From Christopher Hitchens - Dwight Garner, The New York Times
Ruth Rendell's 'Dark Corners' - Muriel Dobbin, The Washington Times
A 21st-Century Saint - The Catholic Herald
Thursday, November 26
How the English Became Americans - W. Morrisey, Library of Law & Liberty
George H.W. Bush on Bill Clinton - Carlos Lozada, The Washington Post
Memoirs of a Revolutionary's Daughter - Nena Semnani, The Baffler
British Invasion of the Chesapeake - Philip Kopper, The Washington Times
Why Reagan Embraced Gorbachev - James Mann, The Washington Post
Dream of the Designer Human - Nathaniel Comfort, Aeon
A Poet Who Believed in Nothing More than Love - Ange Mlinko, The Nation
The Art of the Publisher - Nick Romeo, The Christian Science Monitor
Biography of a Face - Steve Fishman, New York Magazine
The Story Trap - Philip Ball, Aeon
Wednesday, November 25
The Best Business Books 2015 - Bryan Burrough, Wall Street Journal
Throw Out Syllabus and Read These Books - Farooqui, Daily Californian
Man With the Golden Typewriter - Jennifer Senior, The New York Times
Self-Help Books Leaving You Down? - C. Gregoire, The Huffington Post
A Literary Cruise Across the Pacific Ocean - Tom Zoellner, The L.A. Times
Paradise of the Pacific - Julia Flynn Siler, The Denver Post
The Theater of War - Chelsea Scarnegie, The Epoch Times
Best Films Books of 2015 - Thomas Gladysz, The Huffington Post
Landlocked Islanders - Krista Langlois, Hakai Magazine
Tuesday, November 24
Best Mystery Books of 2015 - Editors, The Washington Post
33 Books to Read Before Turning 30 - Baer & Feloni, Biz Insider
The Double Life of John Le Carre - James Parker, The Atlantic
Belgium is a Failed State - Tim King, Politico
Diary of the Most Boring Man in the World - Rosefield, The New Republic
The Future of Finance - Clive Crook, Bloomberg View
Christian Persecution in the Middle East - Bandow, The Washington Times
6 Authors on their Childhood Reading - Nick Ripatrazone, The Millions
Hidden in a Suitcase - Michele Leavitt, Guernica
Monday, November 23
November's 10 Best Books - Jackson & Kane, Paste Magazine
This Week's New Books - Jocelyn McClurg, USA Today
Magical Thinking About ISIS - David Shatz, London Review of Books
Can You Think Yourself Into a Different Person? - Will Storr, Mosaic
The Best-Selling Sports Books - The New York Times
The Silicon Valley Suicides - Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic
The Power of Ambiguity in Fiction - Joe Fassler, The Atlantic
Naked Ambition - Molly Crabapple, The New Republic
Women's Curves, Mansplained - Caitlin Flanagan, The Washington Post
Saturday, November 21
The 10 Best Books of 2015 - Editors, The Washington Post
10 Selections from John Waters - John Waters, The New York Times
Painting America Blue - Michael Barone, Wall Street Journal
Marcus Aurelius on Mortality and Living Fully - Popova, Brain Pickings
The End of College - Frank Pasquale, The Los Angeles Review of Books
The Mystery of Ronald Reagan - Ted Lawrence, Washington Free Beacon
The Blue Guitar - Muriel Dobbin, The Washington Times
The Talented Mr. Huxley - Danny Heitman, Humanities
Love Letters to the City of Light - Ernest Hemingway, The Daily Beast
Canada in Africa - Jim Miles, Foreign Policy Journal
Dream Catchers - Jeff Nunokawa, The New Republic
Could Art Solve the Refugee Crisis? - Marc Peyser, The Daily Beast
Friday, November 20
Heart of the Prairie - John Waters, Little Village Magazine
The Notable Fiction of 2015 - Editors, The Washington Post
Political Correctness - Lenika Cruz, The Atlantic
What H.W. Bush Got Wrong - Jeff Shesol, The New Yorker
The End of One China - Andrew Browne, Wall Street Journal
The Spectacle of Skill - Steve Donoghue, Christian Science Monitor
Is War Photography Beautiful or Damned? - J. Speicher, The New Republic
Shedding Light on China's Cultural Revolution - Chenxin Jiang, The Nation
The Mission to Purge GOP of Moderates - Waleed Shahid, In These Times
The Asteroid Hunters - Josh Dean, Popular Mechanics
Thursday, November 19
The Notable Non-Fiction of 2015 - Editors, The Washington Post
2015 National Book Award Winners - Jocelyn McClurg, USA Today
7 Paperback Selections for Your Book Club - M. A. Gwinn, Seattle Times
The Most Expensive Mansion in History - Christopher Bagley, Details
A New Look at NY's Secret Workers - Malcolm Harris, The New Republic
Lost at Sea for 14 Months - Jonathan Franklin, The Guardian
Of Lions and Men in Post-War Mozambique - The Economist
Triumph of William McKinley - John Henry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Finding Myself in a Book - Kelly Haworth, The Huffington Post
Rise of the Robots - Elkins & Feloni, Business Insider
Wednesday, November 18
10 Must-Read Books on Terrorism - Anna Russell, Wall Street Journal
The Attacks Will Be Spectacular - Chris Whipple, Politico
The McKinsey Executive Who Made Millions Off His Maid - The Nation
Custer Was His Era's Poster Boy - Kevin Levin, The Daily Beast
Death, Disappointment and a Mysterious Traveler - Alexander Chee, TNR
The Bibi-Obama Marriage - Shalev & Tibon, The Huffington Post
WWII Missions of the CIA - James Srodes, The Washington Times
Robots Rising - Andrew Hill, The Financial Times
The Unbreakable Patti Smith - Audrey Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
Hotels of North America - Simon Chandler, Electric Literature

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