RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Embarrassments of Feminism - Hadley Freeman, New Republic
Neil Young's Obsessions - Patrick Hayes, Spiked Review of Books
Finishing School for Spies - Molly Driscoll, Christian Science Monitor
Confessions of an Ex-Comic Book Reader - Robert Jones, Hooded Utilitarian
Geneticists Estimate Iliad's Pub Date - Joel Shurkin, RealClearScience
Oakeshott vs. America - Kenneth McIntyre, American Conservative
The Impossibility of Polish History - Alex Joffe, Jewish Ideas Daily
The Birth, the Pig and the Logger - Randi Epstein, Huffington Post
Brenda Starr, Tough Gal in a Guy's World - Mark Squirek, NYJB
Fifty Shades of Beige - Kera Bolonik, Salon