RealClearBooks Morning Edition

American Sniper Shot Dead - Carolyn Kellogg, LA Times
T.S. Eliot's Emotional Wasteland - Henry Hitchings, Financial Times
Dave Barry: Unfunny Like 'The Hangover' - Louis Bayard, Wash Post
Could 'Timmy Failure' Spell Success? - Sally Lodge, Publishers Weekly
Wes Anderson's Nabokovian Small Worlds - Michael Chabon, NYRB
The Architect Architects Love to Hate - Anthony Paletta, LAROB
China's Bestselling Bureaucracy Lit - Louisa Lim, New York Times
E-velyn Waugh's Still Got It - Barton Swaim, Wall Street Journal
Jane Austen's Pride in Prejudice - Paula Byrne, The Daily Beast
Why Zelda Is a Legend - Jennifer Christopher Randle, NYJB