RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Feds Mistake Book for Terrorism - Kevin Murphy, Melville House
High Treason of the Clerks - Jason Walsh, Spiked Review of Books
Writers of Pakistan, Stand for Freedom! - Shamsie & Tripathi, Guardian
The Well-Tempered Anarchist - Gene Callahan, American Conservative
Ron Howard May Take Over 'Graveyard Book' - Tasha Robinson, AV Club
Back From the Dead to Watch TV - Dwight Garner, New York Times
Adam Phillips Will Change Your Mind - Robert McCrum, Daily Beast
Readers Sue Lance Armstrong for Fraud - Molly Driscoll, CSM
Not Quite the Best of n + 1 - John Sunyer, Financial Times
The Virtues of Being a Regular - Kera Bolonik, Salon