RealClearBooks Morning Edition

The Yippie Ki-Yay Years - Christopher Bray, Wall Street Journal
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Agenda - Jamil Anderlini, Financial Times
I Write About My Daughter on the Internet - Lyz Lenz, Huffington Post
Sherman's March Through the Constitution - James Bruce, Law&Liberty
Old Corner Bookstore Is Now a Chipotle - Rhian Sasseen, The Millions
It's a Sadistic Story, and France Wants It - Elaine Sciolino, NY Times
Jonathan Sacks's Strident Defense of Faith - Allan Nadler, Forward
Now You See Me, Now I Teleport - Tasha Robinson, AV Club
Stories Gonna Knock You Out - Charlie Jane Anders, io9
On Getting to the Point - Mark Judge, RealClearBooks