RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Napoleons of the Sideline - Gregg Easterbrook, Wall Street Journal
Camille Paglia's Spiritual Quest - Emily Esfahani Smith, Daily Beast
Longfellow Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - Don Meyer, Huff Post
Regulatory Decadence and Dodd-Frank - Todd Zywicki, Law & Liberty
A Final Memoir of William Faulkner - Mark Tooley, American Spectator
Nelson DeMille's 'Panther' Lacks Bite - Noori Passela, The National
The Handwriting on the Wall - Hillary Kelly, The New Republic
Fascist Names, Fascist Faces - Ian Thomson, Financial Times
Eighth Grade Stuck on Repeat - Nick Olson, Books & Culture
The Case for Goodreads - Lee Klein, Full Stop