RealClearBooks Morning Edition

W.H. Auden and Elvish - Erin Overbey, New Yorker
Amazon Wins E-book Fight in Europe - Husna Haq, CSM
Amazon Beaten on Non-Top 20 Books - Alison Flood, The Guardian
Like a Darwinian Space Opera - Douglas Wolk, The Washington Post
The Lovely Mafia of British Comics - Hannah Berry, New Statesman
World's Greatest Detective, Eh? - Michael Taube, Weekly Standard
Part 'Handmaid's Tale', Part 'Scarlet Letter' - Lillian Daniel, B & C
Unknown Hans Christian Andersen Story Found - Jan Olsen, AP
Unsubscribing to the Library - Peter Brantley, Publishers Weekly
Poet King of Iceland - Tom Shippey, Wall Street Journal