RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Anarchy in the Preschool - Husna Haq, Christian Science Monitor
Canadian Geese Overstaying Their Visas - Hector Tobar, LA Times
Tolkien's Flashes of Inspiration - Anthony Chiorazzi, Relevant Magazine
What Became of the Happy Hustler? - Mark King, Huffington Post
A Muddled History of Marvel Comics - C.T. May, Splice Today
The People and Their Books - Toby Lichtig, Wall Street Journal
Barthe's Boredom in China - Michael Sayeau, New Statesman
In Praise of Empty Souls - Martha Stout, The New Republic
Jared Diamond's Flat Earth - Jackson Lears, Bookforum
Catman Looks Back in Anger - Nathan Rabin, AV Club