RealClearBooks Morning Edition

America, the Barbarous - R.B. Bernstein, The Daily Beast
Pope Benedict on the Baby Jesus - Brad Miner, Catholic Thing
Man Finds $20,000 in Used Book - Alison Flood, The Guardian
Mos Def's Ex-Wife's Not Quite Tell-All - Nathan Rabin, AV Club
Anthony Shadid in the Crosshairs - Maurice Timothy Reidy, America
Panning the Posthumous Roberto Bolano - Jacob Silverman, LA Times
J. Robert Oppenheimer's Baffled Biographers - Lisa Jardine, FT
The politics of Terry Pratchett - Helen Lewis, New Statesman
Protest Before Pussy Riot - Anne Applebaum, Huffington Post
Manners on My Mind - Tom Neven, Acculturated