RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Help! I'm Cooking for Thanksgiving! - Timothy Smith, Washington Post
Jane Austen, Two Inches at a Time - Freya Johnston, Literary Review
No Bad Sex Award for J.K. Rowling - Maev Kennedy, The Guardian
A Dim View of Panorama City - Donna Rifkind, The New Republic
In Praise of the Cliche - Hephzibah Anderson, Prospect Magazine
Capt. America: Not What He Used to Be - Noah Berlatsky, Reason
When Stan Lee Had Nothing to Lose - Jason Heller, AV Club
Apple Has an E-page-Turning Patent - Molly Driscoll, CSM
Is It a Husband Book? - Josie Leavitt, Publishers Weekly
Before 'Trainspotting' - Jason Trimmer, Full Stop