RealClearBooks Morning Edition

The Economics of Steve Jobs - John Tamny, Forbes
Why Are There No Used E-books? - Art Brodsky, Huffington Post
Dean Koontz's '77 Shadow Street' Is 77% Great - Lars Walker, AC
Simon & Schuster Hopes for Petraeus Surge - Carolyn Kellogg, LAT
A Night at the National Book Awards - Leslie Kaufman, New York Times
Buckminster Fuller, Original Cyberpunk - Blake Seidenshaw, Full Stop
Authors Guild Appeals Book Scanning Defeat - Andrew Albanese, PW
The 'Markets' in Farmers Markets - Peter Timmer, Wilson Quarterly
Nerds: Stop Hating Women, Please - Alex Hern, New Statesman
Derrida Gets His Due - Terry Eagleton, The Guardian