RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Can Paper Survive the Digital Age? - Ian Sansom, The Guardian
Embracing the Perry Mason Plot - William Bernhardt, Huffington Post
Wiping Away the Face of God - David Conway, Library of Law & Liberty
How Do We Get More Googles? - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Washington Times
Better Book Covers: America or U.K.? - Gabe Habash, Publishers Weekly
Adrienne Rich's Prose-Bound Routine - Eavan Boland, The New Republic
Great Story, Bad Twitterature - Nathalie Rothschild, Spiked Review
John Updike's Politically Prophetic Novel - Sam Tanenhaus, NYT
The Man Who Saw It All - Sara Wheeler, Wall Street Journal
Oliver Sacks Is Seeing Things - Laura Miller, Salon