RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Obama's Reelection & Book Sales - Jason Pinter, Huffington Post
Another Winner: Nate Silver Climbs Charts - Carolyn Kellogg, LA Times
Joe Paterno & the College Sports Problem - Simon van Zuylen-Wood, TNR
Terry Pratchett Does Dickens's London - Michael Dirda, Washington Post
Macmillan Dictionary Going All-Digital - Alison Flood, The Guardian
Opening Doors to Poetry - Kamila Kocialkowska, New Statesman
When Madness Pays Off - Michael Shermer, Wall Street Journal
James Wood: Hungry, Happy Bookworm - Bob Blaisdell, CSM
Literacy in Jammies - Josie Leavitt, Publishers Weekly
Adele, My Belle - Korina Lopez, USA Today