RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Finally, a Journalist Who Gets Ron Paul - James Antle, RealClearBooks
David Frum's New Novel Is Simply Awful - Mark Judge, The Daily Caller
Hard to Beat that Autistic Dog Debut - Sophia Waugh, London Spectator
Wendell Berry, True Jeffersonian - Christopher Orlet, American Spectator
Mercenary With a Heart of Gold - Helen Rittelmeyer, Cigarette Smoking
Robinson Crusoe and the Single Lady - Jessa Crispin, Kirkus Reviews
Spinoza's Scandalous Secularism - Peter Gordon, The New Republic
Portrait of Obama as a Young Man - Ben Jacobs, The Daily Beast
Symphonic Boom! - Ada Louise Huxtable, Wall Street Journal
Prisoner of Cary Grant - C.T. May, Splice Today