RealClearBooks Morning Edition

From Bill Gates to Thomas Aquinas - Jeremy Lott, Washington Times
Microsoft-Barnes & Noble vs. Apple-Amazon - Matthew Yglesias, Slate
Don't Blame Nerds for This Dinner - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
Dr. Spock's Great Advice & Questionable Politics - Carl M. Cannon, RCB
When Stalinism Was In Vogue - Michael Moynihan, Wall Street Journal
Not Another Nazi Novel! - Jessa Crispin, Barnes & Noble Review
So You Want a Summer Reading List... - D.G. Myers, Commentary
Billy Graham's Christian Book of the Year - Marcia Nelson, PW
The Selfish Gene Goes to War - Charles Mudede, The Stranger
Nonentity in the Holy Land - Noah Berlatsky, Splice Today