RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Elaine Pagels's Revelation Problem - Adam Gopnik, New Yorker
Places Never Seen by Gringos - Michael Adelberg, NY Journal of Books
How to Convince People You Are Human - Paul Constant, The Stranger
Charming, Cold-Eyed Cosmopolitan - Philip Mansel, London Spectator
The New We Will Always Have With Us - James Morris, Wilson Quarterly
Quislings, Quislings Everywhere! - Jeremy Lott, Washington Times
We're All Entitled to Our Alienation - Max Rivlin-Nadler, Full Stop
Have You Read Stephen Bodio? - Bill Croke, American Spectator
We'll Miss You, James Q. Wilson - Kay Hymowitz, City Journal
Black Box of a Forsaken Mind - Jenny Davidson, Bookforum