December 21, 2011

John le Carre: Man of Great Characters

Athena Andreadis, The Huffington Post

My mother used to joke about me, "Put a sheet with moving shadows in front of her and she will watch them." Indeed, outside the lab I'm restless unless I'm reading books or watching films that engage me; both activities make me go instantly still for as long as the process lasts. My first encounter with le Carré was the film version of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Read Full Article ››

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December 17, 2011
An American to Rival John le Carre
Lee Sandlin, Wall Street Journal
The fall's headline-making plagiarist "Q.R. Markham"—the guy who assembled an entire book out of mashed-up excerpts from classic suspense writers and passed it off as an original work—explained recently why he had... more ››