November 15, 2011

Borders Was in the Mistake Making Business

Ben Austen, BusinessWeek

In September, just days before Borders Group met its end, one of the chain’s last retail holdouts, in the Nashville suburb of Brentwood, Tenn., was being liquidated, with prices slashed by 90 percent. It was difficult in the stark surroundings not to think of a battle waged and lost, of the armies of Kindle owners and e-book peddlars off celebrating victory while all around lay the carnage—two copies of a Paul Reiser memoir, the suspect Greg Mortensen book Stones into Schools, a still-brimming manga section. A couple of professional scavengers picked over the DVDs, cataloging them with their own scanners. Empty shelves were being stacked in the store’s growing hollows and themselves tagged with prices ranging from $25 to $50. The defeat felt so stunning because...

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May 11, 2012
Harry Potter Comes to Kindle
Carolyn Kellogg, Los Angeles Times
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May 16, 2012
Court Won't Dismiss Suit Against Apple
Jim Milliot, Publishers Weekly
In a decision that was largely expected, Judge Denise Cote denied motions by Apple and five publishers seeking to dismiss the class action lawsuit brought against them for what the suit contends is fixing e-book prices when... more ››
May 15, 2012
Robert Reich Is Beyond Outraged
Paul Constant, The Stranger
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May 15, 2012
The Stubborn Persistence of Textbooks
Curt Hopkins, Ars Technica
Textbooks are a thing of the past, says the common wisdom. Well, the common wisdom of the Technorati maybe. The problem with that thinking is that the number one publisher in the world is Pearson, a textbook publisher, who... more ››
May 12, 2012
Secret History of the Pacific Northwest
Paul Constant, The Stranger
It will be easy for most readers to identify with the tension that builds early on in Jon Raymond's new novel, Rain Dragon (Bloomsbury, $16). The narrator, Damon, and his girlfriend, Amy, leave Los Angeles in search of a home in... more ››